Doxiadis #02 – on NBC

Indeed, Doxiadis is a hypnotic speaker. He is not always at his best, but when he has taken the trouble to jot down a few notes on index cards, during the plane journey to his lecture engagement, he gives a brilliant performance. It often begins badly, since he is invariably tired and needs to stimulate himself for a few minutes with his won words before he hits his stride. In this he is a product of Greece, a society that is still very verbal, where words in themselves are said t have virtue, almost like magic formulas.

And the average American or English audience listens to Doxiadis fascinated; women especially. Secretaries who transcribe tapes of his talks say his voice sounds immensely sexy. I am surprised by this observation every time I hear it.

Constantinos Doxiadis: Master builder for free men

By Philip Deane



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