funnel city ≡ POLIS + Introversion

This is the concept embedded in Intrapolis, the futurist architectural scheme of Walter Jonas, conceived as early as 1958 and developed through the 1960s as one of the urban utopias that emerged in the post-war years.

Developed as a terraced structure, the design of this megastructure sought to provide to its inhabitants introverted spaces, disconnected from the malfunctioning and contaminated metropolis. By the same token, the conic section resulted to the minimum occupancy of the ground level undeniably dominated by the automobile.

Multiplied and spread, the funnel-like building shaped the city as a mushroom valley, bringing to Intrapolis an organic aura that is occasionally attributed to the Metabolist movement. Nevertheless, Jonas was a founding member of the GIAP (Groupe International d’Architecture Prospective), along Yona Friedman, author of the seminal “La Ville Spatiale”.

On the Intrapolis see / On funnel cities see / On the Megastructures see


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