Festac Town

Contemporary narratives on Festac Town evince a blighted area and an infrastructure system in a deplorable condition. Hip-hop music and 419 advance fee fraud are the new paradigms in Festac Town.


In Festac Town, the concept of comprehensive master plan and housing designed in 1975 by Doxiadis Associates, has finally been abandoned with finality. It is being replaced with the ad hoc pattern of development that emphasizes individual plot allocation and the pre-eminence of the administrator as the chief planner. In Festac Town, not only are huge and expensive private houses being built, the open spaces, the heart of the Doxiadis Community structure are being sold by the Federal Housing Authority for private houses…Festac Town reflects our most glaring failure to manage public housing programme at the Federal level.


Festac Town now serves as both residential and commercial centre. In the years of the military (1983-1993) lots of magnificent private houses were built by individuals in the areas now known as “Cocaine Avenue”… In the entertainment arena, Festac Town has produced some of finest Hip-Hop musicians in Nigeria / The town has also produced footballers of repute…


In 2007, 30 years after it was first inhabited, Festac is a far cry from the dreams of the founders. If the foreigners who were part of the construction of Festac Town houses and environment should visit the same Festac Town today, they will surely burst into uncontrollable tears (of sadness)… Festac Town is a Federal Government project that was grossly mismanaged and eventually left to rot away…


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