Greek Loan /// A $tory #01

Secretary of State Dean Acheson testifying House Committee on Foreign Affairs about President’s plan to loan to Greece & Turkey (1947)

“Containment” was the one of the key words that appeared on the political stage after the announcement of the Truman Doctrine, on 12 March 1947, referring to the development strategy of the United States aiming to stop the political alignment of the “free” nations with the Soviet Union and the embracement of communism. The Undersecretary of State, Dean Acheson, portrayed the so-called ‘domino effect’ like “apples in a barrel infected by the rotten one”, fearing that “the corruption of Greece would infect Iran and all the east” carrying “the infection to Africa through Asia Minor and Egypt and to Europe through France and Italy.” [from “Containing Baghdad”]

Videos via Footage Farm


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