funnel> feeding

“A mí no me queda ya ni la menor esperanza . . . Todo se mueve al compás de lo que encierra la panza.” [inscription on the reverse of the painting]

Frida Kahlo experienced ill health for most of her life. In 1941, in a letter to her long term friend Dr Leo Eloesser, Kahlo mentioned that she had anorexia and dyspepsia: “I don’t eat enough—I smoke a lot—and something strange! I drink no cockteltitos or cocktelazos anymore…” By 1945 her digestive symptoms were causing such concern to her family that she was being fed by a funnel.

Far removed from the reassuring surroundings of her family home, a thin, frail Kahlo lies in bed… In her mouth is a monstrous sized funnel, filled to overflowing with dead animals, poultry, and fish, and resting on top of these is a skull made from sugar and inscribed with her name. The funnel is so large that it has to be supported by a wooden frame, similar to the easel that Kahlo used when painting in bed.

[Excerpt from the article of Maureen and Richard Park / BMJ 2008;337:bmj.a2888]

(Against the Reformers’ claims)


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