Doxiadis #05 – Global Planner

Map of Doxiadis Associates' major projects

Constantinos Doxiadis (1913-1975) is arguably the first architect-planner that promoted research and action regarding the development of human settlements in a global scale.

The “City of the Future” (COF) was the first Research Project launched by Doxiadis in 1960 and developed for more than a decade at the Athens Center of Ekistics with the participation of distinguished professionals, such as Jacqueline Tyrwhitt, Hassan Fathy, and Richard Meier, to name only a few.

COF studied the largest scale of human settlements and was mainly concerned with the long-range future projections of urban development. Its goal was to provide a roadmap for understanding and planning the world city. Ecumenopolis was first named in an internal report of COF in 1961, postulating the coming era of world wide urbanization and portraying a possible pattern to be reached by the mid-21st century.

Doxiadis had the chance to test the principles of his theories and the outcomes of COF in many parts of the world, i.e. Detroit, Rio de Janeiro, the River Plate Basin, Lagos, the French Mediterranean Region, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and the Pan-Asian highway.

Rem Koolhaas and Hans Ulrich Obrist have recently referred to Doxiadis as the first global planner [Project Japan: Metabolism Talks  Taschen, 2011]


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