Ekümenopolis ≡ Ecumenopolis

“Ecological limits have been surpassed. Economic limits have been surpassed. Population limits have been surpassed. Social cohesion has been lost. Here is the picture of neoliberal urbanism: Ecumenopolis.”

This picture hardly matches Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s vision to revamp Istanbul and make its future as glorious as its past. However, this would certainly depend on the vision; reality could just be its flip side…

“With the new convention centers, sports and cultural centers that we’re building, we’re preparing the way for a modern future on a historic foundation. At the same time, we’re investing to turn Istanbul into the financial center of the world”. [Erdogan]

Ecumenopolis: city without limits is a documentary film by İmre Azem about the urban development of Istanbul. “From demolished shantytowns to the tops of skyscrapers, from the depths of Marmaray to the alternative routes of the 3rd bridge, from real estate investors to urban opposition,” the film “aims for a holistic approach to Istanbul, questioning not only the transformation, but the dynamics behind it as well. “

Read the full synopsis + watch the trailer

Have there ever been any prescriptions for metropolitan development and sprawl?

Did Ecumenopolis ever had a vision? Did it ever had limits?


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