The Detroit Paradox

Sun Eclipse 1963 - © WSU

Detroit is a city full of paradoxes. Once growing rapidly now determined to shrink and compact in order to meet a sustainable future, the transformation of the Motor City perfectly exemplifies the pitfalls of history and the incompetence of planning experts to combat social ills and to precede growth.
Detroit heroically leaded the American city through the path of scientific management along Henry Ford’s assembly lines, only to discover some decades later the hazards of industrialization and consumerism.

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Doxiadis Plans Detroit

In 1965, the Detroit Edison Company commissioned the Athens-based consulting firm Doxiadis Associates (DA) a comprehensive study of Detroit and its adjacent area, so as to diagnose the urban condition and propose growth patterns for future development. Funded with over three million dollars and enjoying the enthusiastic support of Walker L. Cisler, the Chairman of the Board of the Detroit Edison, DA prepared jointly with Wayne State University a prolific 3-volume study titled “Emergence and Growth of an Urban Region: the Developing Urban Detroit Area”

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