The centripetal forces of this funneling device relate to the work and theory of Constantinos Doxiadis (1913-1975), the celebrated architect and planner that developed Ekistics, the science of human settlements, as means to study and plan urban growth in the apex of postwar demographic explosion and automobile invasion.

Categories ∏ Research Themes

# Cities

The study of certain cities provides the background to Doxiadis’ projects and theory. Other cases unfold their own stories in their own words…

# Cold War

A breeder of ideas, products and policies – the  background of an escalating rivarly virtually encapsulating both nuclear catastrophes and promised lands.

# Funnel

A symbol, a metaphor, a device, arguably the opposite of a Kaleidoscope (?)… Funnelme is meant to filter archives, speculative and inspiring thoughts.

# Music

Stories have sound, and sound invariably has a genre, class or color… In other words, say it loud

# Urban Riots

Riots invariably convey meanings…


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